Later last year the Mercantile Court nº 2 of Murcia called the meeting of creditors of another company of  "Grupo Trampolin", SOLERA EL TRAMPOLIN SL. Despite the meeting has been declared "voluntary" by the Court, our Firm is claiming that it should be considered "necesary", as long as our call's petition on behalf several creditors was filed several months before than the company's petition.

If our claim is sustained, and the meeting is turn into "necesary", the creditors who filed the petition will get 25% on their credits guaranteed against the Bankruptcy estate. Obviously, the trustees in Bankruptcy are opposite to our petition (the more credits guaranteed against the Bankruptcy estate, the less they have available for their fees).

Right now, we are waiting for the Trustee's report about Solera El Trampolin's financing position.

In addition, many purchasers are preparing a case against CAM Bank, under the provisions of the 57/1968 Act (please check our post about Banks' liability to refund deposits to purchasers).

Should you require further information about the meeting of creditors, or the claim which is being prepared, please do not hesitate to contact us (