When the Meeting of Creditors of Trampolin Hills was called, many purchasers felt that their chances to get their dreamed property, or their deposits back, were spoiled.

But a new door is being opened by the Spanish Courts: Banks who collected the purchasers deposits can be claimed responsible, as long as they allowed Trampolin to withdraw funds from the account for different purposes than building, no matter whether the account was called "current" or "special".

In this case, Banks who collected funds (La Caixa, Cajamar) can't claim for their lack of knowledgment about the business activity of Trampolin Hills and the origin and purpose of the funds paid into accounts, because General Bank Guarantees policies to cover part of the purchasers' deposits were issued by them, and they, in agreement with the developer, decided which ones were covered by the guarantees and which ones were unsafe.

GM LEGAL EXPERTS is preparing the case against both entities, to claim them responsible under the provisions of  the 57/1968 Act. You can get further information about the legal grounds of the case on our previous post "Banks' liability to refund deposits to purchasers".

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